Friday, July 8, 2011

Trip to Elko

While we were in Elko we got to do lots of fun things. The boys shot the bb gun at targets.

Ava hanging out with Papa

Before we left we got to go have breakfast with Nana

Then we went to say goodbye to everyone at their work. First stop was Albertsons to see Grandpa Wahlstrom. The kids went up to the office to get him so we snapped their picture from down below.

We went to see Grandma's office at the College

We got to visit Grandma Crouch's class room and see Papa working at the school too.

Then we headed to the fire station to see Uncle Andrew and the kids got to sit in the fire truck.

I somehow didn't take pictures of the kids on grandpa's golf cart or me and Grandma Wahlstrom finishing Emma's quilt I made for her. We always wish we had more time to spend with everyone when we are there!

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