Friday, December 26, 2008

Allison's 9th Birthday

Allison turned 9 on Dec. 21. To celebrate we went to Chuck E. Cheese. The kids had a blast. Unfortunatley I was not the skee ball champion of the night. That title went to Derek. On Sunday, Allison requested a turkey dinner with all the fixings so we had a nice dinner and had cake and presents. I think she had a good birthday.

Allison's Birthday Cupcakes

Right after the play last Friday, we took in cupcakes to her class. Ava had to have one too of course.

Ward Christmas Party

Last Friday was our Ward's Christmas party. The primary sang "Away in a Manger" and the kids got to see Santa again.

Allison and Emma's Christmas Play

Last week Emma and Allison were in a play at school about Christmas celebrations around the world. Allison had the lead role "Old Frost" and Emma also had several speaking parts. They did great!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Look What We Got Today

and it's still falling. There are already talks of school closures and such. It is definitely fun to see and play in for a minute but now that it's here I am reminded of why we love living in the south! I have wet pants, coats, boots, etc.... strung all over my entryway and everyone smells like a wet dog. Oh well, we'll enjoy it while it lasts!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jerrod's First Band Concert

Jerrod is way in the back.

Tuesday night was Jerrod's first band concert and I had planned on taking video of it to place on here but when we got there I realized the camcorder was dead. Since I had my final earlier that day the thought to charge it hadn't crossed my mind. Too many other things to think about. So, anyway, he did great and they sounded good and LOUD. There were a lot of them.

Just an update, I am now done with school until nursing school starts on January 20. YAY! I thought I would feel an overwhelming sense of relief but I still feel very overwhelmed with everything else going on. It seems like there is something every night which I guess is typical of December. I just hope I have a chance to slow down before Christmas and enjoy a couple of relaxing nights! Saturday I took a class to get CPR certified and I passed so now I am a certified health care provider in CPR anyway. Tuesday I bought a nice shiny new laptop for only $399 and a 40 pound box of textbooks for $460 (yikes!) so I am getting closer to being ready for the next adventure. Luckily we receive our books not only in print but on the computer which is why the laptop will be so handy. I won't have to haul those books to school each day. Now I am just counting down the days until Friday at 2:00 when I have my husband back from his finals week!! He has a mere 8 tests this week, I don't know how he does it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Pictures

While in Elko we took family pictures with the Crouch's before Jason and Jamey moved. Here are a few that were captured with my camera.

Derek, Jason and Andrew

I had to take this one because Ava was being such a stinker. She kept kicking Emma in the head!

The whole fam damnly!

Who says white men can't jump!!

Friday, December 5, 2008


This year we headed to Elko to spend Thanksgiving with our families. We had a great time even though Derek and I both had tests to study for in between visiting. Here's some pictures of our fun weekend:

Ava helping make stuffing

Aunt Jenny and Clayton

The dogs enjoyed a turkey drumstick

Ava and Ashlyn and Grandma and Papa Crouch's house

Derek still can dunk the ball. Pretty good for an old man!

Ava and her cute cousin Kallista

It wouldn't be a real Thanksgiving without some football.

Grandma and Papa had a fun craft activity for the grandkids

More to come.............

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Visit from Grandpa and Grandma

It has been a busy few weeks so I am pretty behind. Derek and I have been busy with school and looking forward to the Christmas break! Here's a little of what we have been up to.

A couple of weeks ago my parents came to visit. We had a fun weekend full of shopping, Cafe Rio, and In n Out burger. By the way, most of you might not know how special my Dad is. Here is a photo to prove it................

He got to referee a state championship football game here in Vegas. He referees basketball, football, and umpires softball. We are proud of you Dad...... p.s. had you worried huh!

Jerrod and Ava cheering him on