Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Minty Fresh Mess Maker

While we have been busy packing up the house the last few days, Ava has been busy exploring. Last night she got into our brand new tube of toothpaste and used it as hair gel. It is the kind with the Listerine breath strips inside of it so she sparkled. Then after she was all clean, she found a sharpie and drew all over the wall. She is so busy. This week she has also learned how to crawl out of her crib (our first child to figure that out) and how to strip down naked, pump out her baby wash and scrub her body! Despite all of her messes, you got to love her!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Derek's New Smile!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek got his braces off today. Here is his beautiful new smile.

Ginger's Find!!

Our dog, Ginger kept sniffing and barking at our linen closet the other day. Finally Derek pulled a blanket out to see what she was upset about and this is what we found. At first we thought they were some little plastic pigs from a pig launcher toy that Jerrod had but of them moved...............and then they started sqeaking!!!

They were four freshly born field mice. Nasty!!!! So, we decided to gather them up in a cup and then the next thing we saw was mommy mouse darting across Jerrod's floor coming to save them. She was moving them into Jerrod's closet. So, our next plan was to place one of the babies in the cup and then catch her when she was rescuing it so we could place the happy family outside in the greenbelt across the street. Well, she went into the cup and took out her baby faster than Derek could grab her. Now by this time the kids are all thinking that these are the cutest things ever. So, when we went and found them in Jerrod's closet we decided we would try one more time to catch mommy but she decided to hide. After her brave rescue of her children we didn't have the heart to kill the babies so we decided to take care of it after pack meeting. Long story short, mom came and saved them again and now we aren't sure where they are. We are going to be packing up everyone's closet within the week so we will find them again. They are too little to move, plus Ginger will sniff them out, so we know that they won't be crawling around. So, the Crouch's are just a bunch of softies. Even as I am posting this picture Ava is behind me going awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Our Fourth Of July

We were very homesick on the fourth of July so we used our dinner to comfort us. We had a delicious All-American ribeye dinner with potato salad, jello and cake. I was so proud of our creations, that I took a picture. Here they are:

The weather was really hot so we just sat in the back of the van to watch fireworks. We took Jerrod's friend Austin with us. When the fireworks were over the kids all said "is that it?" We have all been spoiled by the Elko and Lake Tahoe fireworks show!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ava Got Her Ears Pierced

Well, after Ava getting mistaken for a baby boy one too many times, I decided it was time to pierce the ears. She did good and has been pointing at them and saying "pretty". She is very proud.

Our Weekend Part 2

On Monday we were able to go see the Arizona Diamondbacks play the Los Angeles Dodgers. (Grandpa's favorite team.) Grandpa got us great tickets for his birthday:) The boys went to Chase Field early for batting practice where they got to watch the team warm up. Uncle Jason caught a ball and gave it to Jerrod and then Jerrod got some Dodger players to autograph it. We had a great time and the dodgers beat the diamondbacks.

Our Fun Weekend With Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Jason

Last weekend Grandpa and Grandpa Wahlstrom and Uncle Jason flew down to Phoenix. We had a lot of fun. On Saturday we toured the University of Phoenix Stadium where the Arizona Cardinals play. This will also be where the Super Bowl will be held next year. Here are some pictures of our tour.
This was the field, without the grass. They grow and maintain the grass outside and then use a track system to move it indoors. There is a picture of the field below.

This picture below just shows how huge this place is. If you look close you can see Emma. She looks like a little ant.

Here are the kids in the Visitor's Lockers.

Below is Uncle Jason checking out the Visitor's shower in the locker room. Sexy!!

Beating the Heat

Well, it has been 112 here and is forcasted to be 117 on the 4th of July. We took the kids to a splash park in the area so they could cool off a little. Here are some pictures.