Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cute Pictures of Ava

Well, the good news is Derek is feeling better and things are back to normal at our house. For those who didn't know, Derek had pneumonia last week coupled with strep throat (self diagnosis) so we spent many afternoons in the Urgent Care clinic and the ER. My friend Kylee watched Ava for us while we were in the ER and took some cute pictures of Ava! Here are a few of them.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Some Pictures

Just wanted to share a few pictures with you of the kids we took this weekend! Derek took Allison, Jerrod and a few neighbor kids bike riding in a dirt field next to our house on Thursday. When we woke up on Friday, all of their bike tires were flat. They had all picked up thorns in their tires so Derek was running a bike repair shop this weekend while the girls were busy playing in the car! Ava had a sweet hairdo. I am just excited that she has enough to stick up finally!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pinewood Derby

Well, last night was the much anticipated Pinewood Derby. Jerrod designed his car himself and with a little help from Derek made a cool finished product. Unfortunately, much to Jerrod's dismay we were not the champions of the night but it won a couple of races.

We found out yesterday that Derek was accepted to the Osteopathic school in Mesa also. If he were to accept his spot we would spend one year in Mesa and then we would have to do years 2-4 in Troy, Alabama where he would be learning in a community clinic. I think so far Vegas is looking good. He has his interview at Midwestern in Glendale, Arizona on Monday so we are crossing our fingers. It would be nice to get in there so we would not have to move. We are so proud of him!

Monday, April 9, 2007


Saturday morning we went to Midwestern University's annual Easter egg hunt. They had bounce houses, raffle prizes, cookie decorating, dancing with the Easter bunny and of course the egg hunt. There were so many kids in Ava's age group that most of the kids only got one egg. Ava got two and was so proud of her eggs! She carried them around the whole time. Jerrod and Emma won raffle prizes which broke Allison's heart but her brother was kind enough to share his Crayola art set he got. What a nice brother!

Sunday, the Easter bunny brought Jerrod an air hogs airplane, Allison and Emma got sunglasses and jump ropes and little Ava got sunglasses and disney princess books. She is obsessed with Little Mermaid so she was happy! She could say "Mermaid" before "Mommy".

Emma's 6th Birthday

What a bunch of posers!

We celebrated Emma's birthday on Friday. She brought a butterfly cupcake cake to school to share with her class. After school we went to Fiddlesticks in Scottsdale to let her ride go carts and play miniature golf. We took our neighbor MacKenzie with us. After our adventure at Fiddlesticks we came home so she could open her gifts. Thanks to everyone who sent her presents! She was very excited about all of them. She got a Bratz scooter, drawing stuff from mom and dad, some cute shorts and a CD from Grandma and Papa Crouch and a cute church outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Wahlstrom. Plus she got a Wal-Mart gift card from Uncle Steve and Aunt Ko!