Monday, April 12, 2010

Emma's 9th Birthday

Emma turned 9 on April 6th. I took her class some Hannah Montana cupcakes. Afterschool I took her and 3 friends to the Artful Potter to paint some pottery and then we came home for pizza and cake. Emma got Heely's, clothes, headbands and some money. She had a good day.


We had a nice relaxing Easter this year. Since it was conference weekend we slept in and then colored eggs in between sessions. Emma and Ava got hula hoops from the Easter bunny and Allison got a skip it, Jerrod got a airsoft pistol. After conference, we had a delicious ham dinner with the Wilkinsons, Boswells, Jamie and Jason. We are always glad to have them over. They are our family here in Vegas!

Our Trip Home

This is what we woke up to the morning we headed home, an April snow shower. It was snowing so hard that we almost got stuck in Ely but luckily they opened up the highway. Crazy Nevada weather!

Grandma C.'s Funeral

Derek's Grandmother passed away unexpectedly on March 24. It still doesn't seem real. She was a wonderful Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and was even a Great, Great Grandmother. She loved her family and left a wonderful legacy. We will miss you Grandma C.!

This was the last picture taken with her and all the great grandkids from Derek's family.

It was so cold the day of the funeral. It snowed the next day as we were leaving.

Her remaining siblings, Lorana and Ardith.

This was a birthday calendar she used to keep track of everyone's birthday. She would send everyone $2 bills with a letter.

I love this photo. I didn't know how the kids would react to seeing her at the viewing but they did great. They weren't afraid to see her or touch her. She looked beautiful. This is Uncle Steve talking to Ava and Emma. All the kids drew special pictures for her that were put in her casket before it was closed.

Fun with Family

We all had a great time seeing family that we rarely ever get together with. The kids all played hard and were filthy and exhausted by the end of each day, but they had a lot of fun.

Derek playing with Boston, Brynn and Ava

Ava and Kallista

Sarah, Madison and Aunt Cindy

Uncle Steve telling a story to Chloe and Danner

Brenden, Garrett and Jerrod shooting some hoops

This was my Jerrod sandwich. Me with Derek's cousin Jared and my Jerrod

Our nephew A.J.

Emma with A.J.

Our New Niece Analyn

One good thing about our trip to Elko was getting to meet our new niece and cousin Analyn. We got to attend her blessing on Sunday. The kids couldn't get enough of her. I think they liked her.

Ava with Analyn and Lizzie