Sunday, May 17, 2009

Field Day

Friday the girls had their annual Field day at their school. I went to help but got sent away because I had Ava with me which was annoying. Thanks to my friend Kiley for letting me drop Ava off at her house last minute to go take a couple of pictures. Luckily there was a little breeze which helped with the heat. It is hot here already!

Jerrod's 12th Birthday

Wednesday was Jerrod's 12th birthday. Man how time flies. We celebrated by going bowling and to a local pizza buffet. Jerrod is such a good kid. We are lucky! Thanks to everyone who sent cards and goodies!

Alan, Jerrod and Jacob

This is what I thought of my bowling game!

Jerrod's Band Concert

Monday night Jerrod had his Spring band concert. It was much less painful than the first one :) They sounded pretty good. I'll post the video for all to enjoy once I get it loaded.

Drive In

Derek took the kids to the drive in to see Star Trek and Monsters vs Aliens while I studied for my finals. They went with a group of our med school buddies who are like our second family.

Emma with Ira

Jerrod and Allison with Shayne and Remi


I have been waiting for this for months. Jerrod has been wanting to grow his hair out like all of his friends. The problem is the kid doesn't know how to fix hair. We have handicapped him by having a short hair cut all his life. So, finally we talked him into cutting it. It looks so much better!!

Some more pics of Emma

I had fun taking some pics of Emma for her baptism announcement. Here are a few more that we took.

A Honor Roll

Emma and Allison got all A's on their report cards so I got to go see them get their awards. Jerrod got straight A's too! Too bad their parents can't do the same thing!!


Time to catch up on the blog. These last few weeks have been busy. I had a 43 page paper due and then my finals to study for but I am happy to announce that I passed and I am a free woman for the summer. I was so stressed about not doing good on my finals! I had a cumulative final for Pharmacology with about 170 drugs to know all about. I actually got an A on that test. I felt like it was made just for me. That's always a good feeling. My other final went well too. I had a lot of fun this semester and I am looking forward to doing some more intensive stuff next semester. One quarter done!!!

As for Derek, he had his last lecture of medical school on Friday. Now he has finals all this week and on Friday he will be officially done with his 2nd year of medical school. He will study most of the summer for his board exams and he starts his rotations on July 1st!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stress =

Having to know this many drugs for a cumulative pharmacology test on Monday!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just to let you know.

I'm mailing these out to family but in case anyone wants to come here is your official invite.