Saturday, July 9, 2011

Greg London show

Derek and I went with Claudia and Ira to see Greg London. He is an impressionist that has a show at the Hilton. He had a great show and has a great voice.

After the show there was this cute little dog that was taking pictures so we snapped one.

I made Derek take a picture in the men's bathroom after he told me about all the pictures they had hanging up over the urinals. There were girls with tape measures, magnifying glasses etc.. I thought it was funny.

4th of July

On the 4th of July, we had a delicious bbq with Ira and Claudia and then headed out to Boulder City to see the fireworks. It was a great show. It had that small town feel that I miss so much about Elko on holidays. The kids played with their sparklers. It was a great night.

I can't wait to get a job and get my good camera fixed. For some reason these turned out blurry.

Recycled Percussion

We have been using our house seats membership to see some shows on the strip. Jerrod has been wanting to see Recycled Percussion. They were finalists on America's got Talent. They drum on garbage cans, ladders, etc..... Every audience member was given drum sticks and a pot, pan or some other random object to play during certain spots in the show. It was really fun.

Jerrod with his pot "instrument". Mine was a tea kettle.

Jerrod with the group

White Coat Ceremony

Derek had his white coat ceremony at Valley Hospital. He now gets to wear a "real" white coat that is long because he is a REAL Doctor!! Pretty cool!

Derek with his program director, Dr. Milne

The Circus

One of our nice neighbors brought us some free tickets to Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey circus so we took the kids. It was fun for Ava to see what a real circus was after her program she had done at school. In one of the songs in her program at school they talk about how the elephants hold hands by holding tails and when she saw the real elephants do it, it finally clicked what it meant and she thought it was hilarious.


The girls have been begging to go fishing for the longest time so when I found out it was free fishing day I gave Derek those puppy dog eyes and talked him into taking us. We stayed close and went to Sunset park. We didn't catch anything but I think this satisfied their curiosity about it and now we can say that we did it.

Awards Ceremonies

Allison and Emma had their awards ceremony at school. Emma received a certificate for A/B honor roll.

Allison also got A/B honor roll and an award for attendance and science