Monday, April 28, 2008

Mario Kart

Mario Kart came out for the Wii yesterday so Jerrod, Emma and I went to Wal-mart at midnight to get it. It is really fun. Now let's just hope that Derek and I can focus on our finals coming up and not be too distracted.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today was Allison's violin recital. She did great!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thanks for all of the Comments!

Thanks to all of you who gave me advice on my schooling decisions. I've decided that I am going to apply for both and see what happens. That way I'm not limiting myself in any way or putting all of my eggs in one basket. I'll have to take a full load of classes this summer but Derek will be home so it works out!

Emma's Dance Club Recital

I'm behind on posting so here is a little look at Emma's dance club performance at her school last week. I went to both the morning and afternoon performances so there is a bit of each. I was really annoyed that they didn't put the little girls in front so on some of it she is hard to see. Sorry if the camera shakes. I had a two year old hanging on me. She is on the right hand side in the jean jacket.

Ava Outside

Here is a video of Ava riding her big girl bike. I thought it was cute how towards the end she wanted Jerrod to give her a high five. She was also telling us some colors.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Some Advice Please!

So, I added a poll on the side of this blog to see what everyone thinks I should do about school. I am really confused about what I should apply for. Here are my different scenarios. This summer I need to get into an Anatomy and Physiology class which is a post all in itself. It is going to be a bugger to find a spot. Anyway, after I finish that class I could apply for RN school and if I get accepted I could start in the spring. I would finish in December of 2010. They accept students twice a year and accept over 120. The pros: it is probably easier to get into this program and I could still make good money during Derek's residency, I would have to take a lot less classes before I can apply, I could possibly work with my hubby in the future, probably more exciting than cleaning teeth all day. The cons: 12 hour shifts.

Second choice: To apply for the dental hygiene program that starts in Sept. 09 I would need to get into my anatomy class this summer and then try to take a couple more also during the summer. Then this fall I would need to take more math, chemistry, and another anatomy class. I also have to take a spatial and dexterity test in August. Pros: good money when I am done, cushy hours. Cons: they only accept 32 students a year, so who knows if i will get in, intense program if you do get in.

Third choice is: I can apply for the nursing program in the spring and see what happens. If I get in, I could decide what to do. I would still have to take all of my dental hygiene prerequisites and then if I don't get into the RN program in the Spring I can apply to both the dental hygiene and the RN program for the fall.

Both programs do their acceptances based on a point system. You get points for GPA, score on your dexterity test, finishing certain classes etc...

So, I would love all of your opinions!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kai's Birthday Party

Allison had a friend named Kai at school who is so sweet. He has hearing loss so a lot of times she got made fun of for being his friend. Kids are so mean. He is such a cute boy and he adores her!!! He recently moved to a new school and missed Allison so his mom called and invited our family over for his birthday swim party. I had class so Derek took the kids and they all had a great time!

Gotta love blue frosting. This is Kai.

What the heck is Ragball?

Ok, so lots of people have asked me what ragball is. Here is what I know. It is just like softball but the ball is bigger. At least that's what the flier said.

Check out these skills!

Tonight, Derek put the training wheels on Emma's chopper bike that she is too big for and Ava got the hang of it and was riding all by herself! Uncle Jason and daddy had to show off their cool bike moves too. It was so nice outside. Once the sun goes down it cools down to a perfect temperature. Yesterday it was over 90 here and it made me really dread summer!

It has been so windy here the last couple of days. Someone left a kite out in the grassy field and Jerrod and his friends got it up and were flying it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dentist Time

Man, I hate it when you are somewhere and you just are wishing you had brought the camera. That was me today at the dentist. The kids have the day off of school so all four of them went in for their check up. Last time they just peeked in Ava's mouth and counted her teeth but today she let them do the works. She got them cleaned and was so good until the very end. She just kept looking at me like she had the most disgusting taste in her mouth. It was so cute. Emma was the only one with a cavity so we go in next week to get it fixed. They are going to give her some laughing gas which I am actually looking forward to see what it does to her!

Fun with Uncle Jason

Uncle Jason and daddy pushed Ava around on the skateboard last week while I was at class. I thought the pictures turned out cute!


Our stake is playing ragball for kids ages 8-11. So, on Saturday our ward had its first game. Since we were really the only one to show up Emma got to play too. They had a great time. It made me miss baseball season in Reno a little.

The girls in the outfield just chit chatting.

Emma's New Bike

Emma decided that she had outgrown her chopper bike we got her about 3 years ago so she used her birthday money to get a new one. It is purple, her favorite color!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Emma's 7th Birthday

Emma turned 7 yesterday and so we celebrated it all weekend. On Saturday, Derek and Jason took Jerrod, Emma and Ava to see Horton Hears a Who. Allison had a rough morning so I stayed home with her. After the movie we opened her presents and then all of us went to a birthday dinner. Emma picked Macaroni Grill which was so good as always. The waiter brought her a huge piece of chocolate cake that she pretty much finished all by herself. As soon as the cake came out Allison and Jerrod said that they were going to pick that restaurant too when it's their turn! On Sunday, we made caramel pull a parts for breakfast and watched conference. We finished off the day with an ice cream cake. Today, I took in cupcakes for her class. I'd say she had a good weekend.

She asked for a purple ipod shuffle

What a goof ball!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our Fish Tale

Wednesday nights I am at class from 6:00 pm until around 11:00 pm so Derek gets the kids all to himself. I got home on Wednesday and found him watching TV trying to decompress which I can relate to so well. He told me the story of the night and I thought it was good enough to share. Derek had gone upstairs to give Ginger a bath since one of her favorite things is to roll in the dirt in the backyard. One of the kids came up and told him that Ava had gotten into the pepper and that it was all over the place. So he went and checked it out and sure enough she had dumped the entire container of pepper all over her, the floor, it was even on the couch. He went to take off her shirt not realizing it had one button in the back and so it got stuck on her head which made the pepper go in her eyes. Poor thing, she instantly started to scream. Derek then saw that it was time to go pick up Jerrod from scouts so he loaded up a screaming baby in the car and once he got to the church ran in and told Jerrod he had 10 seconds to get to the car. As soon as they got home, he rinsed Ava's eyes out and gave her a bath. She was fine. He then went to vacuum up all of the pepper off of the floor and looked over at our fish tank to see one fish floating at the top belly up and two at the very bottom looking very dead. Ava had fed them some of the pepper too. Knowing that the kids would be devastated to lose their precious fish he hurried and transferred them to fresh water and tried to flush the pepper out of their gills. Pretty soon, they came back to life!!!! He saved our fish! They are swimming around perfectly fine. Crazy!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Derek's Spring Break

Derek had Spring Break last week so since the kids and I already had ours, he got to hang out with Ava while I was in class. They had a fun week filled with lots of trips to the 7-11 for Slurpees. Ava's got the system down pat. I think they had a great time together.

My table is back!

The ugly tablecloth is gone! Derek and I spent Friday night and Saturday re-finishing the top of the table. It turned out good! Ava is our model for the results picture.