Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a really fun Halloween. I always hate the thought of Halloween when I'm trying to get all the costumes together but it is so much fun to take the kids out! We started off our morning going to the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay. They were letting kids in free if they wore their costume so I thought it was a good opportunity to let them go there. Ava loved petting the sting rays. She would have stayed there for hours had we let her.

This is Ava with one of the listening devices they gave us as we walked in. They tell you about all of the different fish. She called it her remote.

Next we came home and made some sugar cookies. Then we met up with the Green family to go trick or treating. The kids got so much candy!!! Ava kept saying "I knew it" "I'm not afraid of heights" She was funny.

We went and saw my friend Karissa and her husband Chris. They live in a sweet neighborhood!

Ava and her friend Leila

Emma was so excited that she got a full size candy bar. I think they ended up with 5 of them

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Last night was our ward's annual Trunk or Treat. We all had a great time. The kids all looked very cute.

Emma is Dorothy, Jerrod is an injured Tom Brady, Allison a 50's girl and Ava is Sleeping Beauty

A family in our ward has a relative that has this caterpillar ride that they pull with a 4 wheeler. They brought it last year too. The kids loved it!!

Jerrod and his friend Shokte from school

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I got in!!!!!

I just got a call from the school telling me I got accepted into the nursing program. I am so relieved. So, I will start in January and will graduate December 2010. Derek's for sure going to have a sugar mama during residency! Wahoo!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a Goofball!

I bought these googly eyes a few weeks ago for a preschool project and Ava and her Dad were being funny and came up with this........

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dentist Time

On Wednesday the girls had their dentist appointments. They are all cavity free. They got loaded up with t-shirts, balloons, stickers, treat bags, toothbrushes etc.... No wonder they don't mind going.

Trip to Elko

Last week thanks to another Jewish holiday we had the opportunity to go home to Elko and visit family. We had a great time even though it was COLD! The high one day was 35 but it has now returned to nice temperatures since we have been home. I guess it just makes us remember the perks of living down South. Here's a rundown of what we did:

Friday a certain Grandma called in sick to spend time with us so when Emma and I were at the grocery store she spotted this balloon and wanted to get it for Grandma. ha ha. Nice acting job too in the pic Mom!

We also went out to the Ruby Mountains to Lamoille Canyon to see the fall colors and to show the kids where Derek proposed to me over 14 years ago!! That day we carved our initials into the tree and we found them. Since there was snow up there it was cold so we didn't stay long.

Here's grandma and aunt Jenny with the kids

We decided to go a little farther up the canyon and saw these horses that the kids wanted to see. We didn't see the owners so we slowly walked up to them to make sure they were friendly which they were and then all of a sudden I spotted a guy laying in the grass with binoculars! He was just laying there waiting for his buddy to bring the horse trailer after their hunting trip.

Can you see they guy in the grass??

On our way back to town we stopped at this field of cows to see them. We tried our best cow noises to call them to us but I guess we aren't any good because they ran away from us! So, the kids decided to run in the grass instead. I thought these were cool pictures.

On Saturday, we went to McDonald's for breakfast and then later that afternoon we went to our nephew Brenden's basketball game. He did great.

I think he is just a little bit taller than all of his teammates. Ha ha. He is going to be a big kid!

Saturday night, the older kids had a sleepover with their cousins. Jason and Jamey will be moving next month to Washington so we tried to spend as much time with them as we could. It wouldn't be a sleepover without makeovers!

Andrew's little girl Kallista was so cute and was using a toothbrush to do her hair.

Sunday I took family pictures for Jenny. Boy was that tricky. If the kids were looking the parents weren't and vice versa. Oh well. Then we headed out to the Crouch house to have dinner. Derek did adjustments on whoever wanted them for some practice. It was great to see everyone!

Nana with all of her Great grandkids

Papa and Grandma with all of their grandkids

Dr. Crouch and his patient Jamey

We had a great trip. Can't wait to see everyone again for Thanksgiving if it works out!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Night at the Park

Now that it is a decent temperature outside we can start going to the park again. Derek took the dogs over to the doggie park while I took the kids to the splash area and playground. I was taking a few pictures of Ava on the equipment and she instantly turned around and started posing. Where does she get it? She is so funny.