Monday, September 29, 2008

I think they are starting to like each other

After a little over two weeks, I think we are making some progress! Rusty still bullies Ginger a little just because he is a little bigger but she holds her own.

Happy Birthday to Jason and Jenny

Last week was my brother and sister's 27th birthday. Since Jason lives here we had a little dinner for him. We treated him just like we would one of our kids and took lots of pictures. Hope you had a good birthday Jason!

Magnet Board Project

So, for a while I have wanted to make a magnet board for my kids' rooms. I finally finished Allison's and I think it turned out cute. Good thing Derek was there to save me from my mistakes. I'm sure it will be full of Jonas Brothers pics and all sorts of girlie stuff in no time! The pic is a little blurry but for some reason my camera did not want to take a picture of it. It would work on anything else but not the dang board! Ugh...

Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Member of the Family

So, Saturday we decided to take Ginger to Petsmart to get her a new toy. As soon as we got there we noticed a few dogs in front of the store in cages that the animal shelter was trying to get adopted. They said it was the dogs last chance before they would be put to sleep and that we only had until the van came to take them away to decide if we wanted one. As soon as they said it the van pulled up. There was a cute terrier mix that looked so mellow and good. They asked Derek if he would want to take him out and of course he said yes. Well, that was that. As soon as the dog put it's paws on Derek's leg and licked him I knew we would be taking him home. The kids want to name him Rusty. He is 2 years old so he is the same age as Ginger, he is fixed, potty trained and microchipped in case we ever lose him. So far he has been a great dog. We are hoping that as we start being gone more and more that they will provide each other with some company. Ginger is a little jealous but I think it won't be much longer before they warm up to each other.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

This has been a long week for our family. Derek has had 8 tests this week. He has 7 done and one huge one in the morning. When I asked him how his studying was going he had a great analogy. He said that he felt like he was shoveling snow in a blizzard with a teaspoon. Clever. We all miss him! Hurry up Friday afternoon and get here already.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time to Stock up on Earplugs and Advil

Jerrod has band this year and chose to play the alto saxophone. The school has instruments that the kids can use but unfortunately they had more kids wanting to borrow than instruments so for us it was either rent one or buy one. So, after a very disappointed child came home from school yesterday after he didn't get picked to have a school instrument I did a quick search on craigslist. I found an alto saxophone in great condition for less than a year of renting. I called my brother and asked if he would go look at it with me so I didn't go to a strange guy's apartment alone. As soon as we got there I was so glad he was with me. He had stringy hair, no shirt on and they had their apartment decorated with lovely marijuana pipes. I was so focused on the saxophone that I didn't notice their lovely decor but my brother Jason did. He said that there were several pipes and that one was all stuffed and ready to go. I thought it smelled funny in there! Anyway, the saxophone is in great condition and Jerrod is happy and so am I that I found a smoking good deal (no pun intended) . Since I played the alto sax when I was in school it was fun to show him what little I remembered but then when he tried to make a sound I realized this is going to be a long week until he learns how to make a proper sound and not a very loud goose like HONK!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lord of the Dance

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