Saturday, November 15, 2008

The B-52s Concert

I used to love the B-52s all through high school and have always wanted to go to one of their concerts. Yes, I know I just dated myself a little bit. ha ha. Anyway, when I saw they were coming here I wanted to go but knew I couldn't justify spending money on tickets. Well, the casino that they were playing at in Primm gave out 500 free tickets and even though I didn't get one people were selling them on craig's list for a huge discount so I was able to get two tickets for less than the price one ticket would have been and it was less than the cost of going out to dinner. Sweet!! Derek and I had great time. They sounded really good and we ended up moving down half way through to some really close seats.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jerrod's First Court of Honor

I was going through pictures and realized I forgot to post about Jerrod's first Court of Honor. He did good and earned his canoeing, leather work, medicine and first aid merit badges. I can't believe that next summer he will be old enough to go to scout camp!


I have wanted to paint a wall in my house for a long time. Even though we are renting I decided it was a cheap way to spruce the room up. I think it turned out pretty good!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ava's Pictures

Last night I was putting the kids' school pictures in their frames and realized that I have really slacked on getting Ava's updated. I had one from when she was about 9 months old in her frame. So, I decided to take her this morning and just get it done. She was all excited, even asked for makeup on her eyes and lips which we pretended to do. Then when we got there she just turned shy. We could not get her to smile. The most frustrating thing as a parent is to take your kids to a photographer who does not do anything to get them to smile!!! They kept making sounds with their lips like she was 6 months old and she kept looking at them like you have got to be kidding me. Whenever I told her to smile she would look at me and say "Mom" under her breath like, stop embarrassing me! I even had them switch the photographer to a girl because I thought the guy might be scaring her. I kept asking them how they wanted her posed and they would say just standing or sitting. Nice and specific. So, anyway after a long session they show me the pictures and the guy wants me to buy the $100 package. I explained to him that I was only going to get the $10 package, which comes with a ton of pictures and he turns to me and says, "Really, after all that work we just did, you are only going to spend $10." Oh, that ticked me off. So, I said you might have thought you did a lot of work but you didn't work very hard to get her to smile. What I really wanted to say was "My husband is a medical student and we have 4 children. Every penny we spend is borrowed. Back off!" Anyway, I just needed to vent. I think I will be the photographer for a while.