Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jerrod's Cool Ride

So, on Saturday Jerrod and Austin wanted to visit an exotic car dealership/museum at Caesar's Palace but when they got there it had shut down. So, after walking clear down to the MGM and back looking for another one they found this ferrari dealership in the Wynn. Derek got Jerrod a picture in one of the cool cars.

I've officially started

Yesterday I officially started nursing school. Since it was the first day it wasn't all that exciting. Mostly going over each class syllabus and rules etc.... Next Monday I start clinicals. For the first three clinicals we stay at the school to learn how to work on actual people and then our fourth week we start clinicals at a long term care facility! I know these 4 semesters will fly by! I am so excited that everything has worked out so far and that I will be able to finish in time to work during our residency! Wish me luck!

Happy 33rd Derek!

Saturday was Derek's 33rd birthday. Wow, I'm glad I am not that old yet :) To celebrate we went on a date Friday night and had a great time! Saturday, he was a good Dad and took Jerrod and Austin down to the car museum at the Wynn. Sunday, we had burgers and I made him an apple pie. We got to stretch it out all weekend.

Derek, we are all so proud of you and all you have accomplished. I don't know how you have done medical school with 4 kids and all of the activities we always have going on. Thanks for being a great husband and Dad. We love you!


We had Jerrod's friend Austin visiting this past weekend so we took the kids to Circus Circus theme park Adventuredome! It was a lot of fun. Emma did her first upside down roller coaster because she was finally tall enough! She loved it and rode it probably 7 times. It took us half the day to convince Jerrod to ride it and then after he did he loved it too and rode it as many times as he could with Austin and Allison. We had a fun day full of laser tag, roller coasters, water rides, and more.

Our Sunbeam

Well, it's official. Ava is a Sunbeam at church. She has done great. She even gave the scripture and prayer her 2nd week. She was so funny. As soon as she got to the microphone she said "Um so........" and then Derek helped her out. What a cutie!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Hair Raising Experience

Last week we decided that instead of spending our Christmas money on school stuff we would get something that we have been wanting for a while. We found a leather recliner at RC Willey for only $299 and it is a massage chair. As we were looking around, Ava's hair was crazy from the static of the little wagon we were in. We thought it was funny so Derek snapped a picture with his phone.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


We had a great Christmas! It was just nice to be together for a change and have nothing else to think about. Christmas Eve, we had a nice dinner and then finally put up our nativity while we read the Christmas story.

Next were chimes. I have to say that we were pretty good at it! Even little Ava was doing good.

Christmas morning, the kids woke us up at about 8:20!! We were all tired so it was nice. We made them wait for us before they could come see their loot! Since we slept in a little we got to have Grandma and Grandpa Wahlstrom use their web cam to watch us open up gifts. That was cool.

The kids must have been good because they got what they asked for. Jerrod got an ipod nano, Allison got a DVD/VCR player for her room, Emma got a red nintendo DS, and Ava got Littlest pet shop stuff and make up.

Allison and Emma both got Guitar Hero for their DS so they lounged in their comfy sweat suits from Papa and Grandma and on their pillow chairs from Grandma and Grandpa almost al
day long!

Jerrod trying out his new ramp.
We'll have to get a new picture because he has gotten a lot braver!