Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jerrod's Award-filled week

Jerrod has had a good week. On Tuesday we attended a court of honor for his scout troop. He received 2 merit badges and 2 rankings which is pretty good.

This morning we attended a special breakfast for Jerrod at his school. He was nominated by all of his teachers for student of the month. We are so proud of him. Only 4 sixth graders received the award. Here is a copy of what his teachers said about him.

They loaded Jerrod up with lots of cool things. He got a school t-shirt, free meal coupons for In n Out and Claim Jumpers and a $10 Borders gift card.

Furry kids hair cuts

Last weekend we decided it was high time that the dogs got hair cuts. We couldn't even see Ginger's eyes anymore. They turned out pretty cute although I think Ginger looks like she has a mullet. They will appreciate it when it gets warmer.

Ava's Preschool Field Trip

Last week I went with Ava and her preschool class to tour Anderson Dairy. The kids had a lot of fun. They had different animals that they used to help tell about the dairy. The kids thought it was lots of fun. They even got a big bowl of ice cream at the end.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ava's Kissable Lips

I found these Lip Pops at Target today and brought them for Ava's preschool class.

Rock Band!!

It's finally here. The kids have been waiting patiently since Christmas for Rock Band to come back in stock so that they could use their gift cards to get it. We saw tons of Rock Band 2 sets but since they were on a budget it was harder to find the older version. They have had a blast with it and so have the "big kids". I'll have to take some video one night and put it on here because they are pretty good! Thanks Aunt Renee and Uncle Andrew for the Christmas gift!