Friday, October 2, 2009

Catch Up Time

Wow I am behind!! The sad thing is I transferred all of September's pictures onto the computer and there were only a few so I'll try and remember all that has happened.

Derek took his boards in Phoenix on the 9th. He said it was an incredibly hard test and so we are waiting anxiously to get his scores in the next couple of weeks. He finished up his family medicine rotation this week and started his OB/GYN rotation last week. His first day he got to scrub in for a hysterectomy and C-section which was cool and last night he delivered his first baby. It's hard to believe this is his 4th rotation already. It is flying by!!

My school has been fun and crazy. I am doing clinicals on a neuro/ortho floor for surgical patients. I haven't gotten to do any cool procedures yet but it is still interesting. Next week I rotate in the OR for the day which I am excited about. My other clinical for mental health is at a mental hospital where we mostly observe in groups. My first week there I got to work with the children and teens which was really sad. Some of the kids were only 6 years old!

Jerrod earned a bunch of awards from Scout Camp at the cour of honor this month. He is doing great. Every week we get compliments about him and what a nice boy he is. He even has a girl calling him to ask him questions about "homework". Kind of scary!

He bought a motorcycle from one of Derek's classmates and is working with his Dad to get it running good. They got it started up but it is still needing a tune up.

This is the face Jerrod had when the motorcycle finally started.

Allison got to play the piano for the Wizard of Oz play at her school. She played the theme song as prelude music and did a great job. She joined the Drama club at school. Not sure if that's a good thing or not :)

Emma just got accepted into the GATE program at school so she is excited. She also joined the dance/cheer club and has been learning new cheers at school.

Ava has been loving her daycare/preschool which makes it a lot easier to drop her off everyday!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Jason's 28th birthday. We got him a cake from DQ and the frosting was very blue.

So that's about it for this month. It has been crazy with both of us back in school but time is flying and we will be done before we know it.