Saturday, July 9, 2011

Field Day

Derek and I went and watched the girls participate in field day. It was so fun! We started out with the kindergarten.

They played a parachute game and tried to bounce objects in the middle.

Next, was the big foot relay

Next was what Ava called the "hopstacle course" They had to climb through the tube, jump through hula hoops and over boards.

Look at that air!

The next activity was the egg carrying relay

The hippity hop ball relay

and.... the ring toss

Afterward, they got some free time to play while Mrs. Dahl took pictures and they had popcicles

Later in the afternoon it was Allison and Emma's turn for field day. We kept going back and forth to try and see both girls do as many activities as we could.

They played duck, duck, goose with a water pitcher with holes in the bottom

Did flour sack races

Derek decided to race Mrs. Oney

They transferred water from a plunger to a big bottle in a relay

Emma getting chosen as goose

Derek got in the game and finally a kid was brave enough to get him but I missed it with the camera

Derek and Allison racing

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